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The Electric Vehicle Rental Association or EVRA is a non-government body that was created to help anyone looking to rent an EV anywhere in the world. We connect renters with EV rental companies. Whether its for a road trip, special event, curiosity or tourism, renting an EV helps the environment & offers a great experience


Never drive an ICE vehicle again

Zero Emissions

When renting an EV, you avoid tailpipe emissions and contribute to a cleaner climate

Sustainable Transportation

With zero emissions, you help everyone come step closer to a sustainable form of transport

Mega Savings

Zero emissions means zero fuel and gas costs. You save big on gas money

Maximum Comfort

Enjoy a luxury, quiet, safe -yet fast- eco-friendly ride. Music will never sound the same

Unrivalled Safety

With no engine and a lower center of gravity, all EV's have a "frunk" for a greater crumple zone and better car control making them a safer bet

Try It To Believe It

Electric cars are just better. You need to try it to believe it and have a little fun on the way

Never Drive ICE Again

Make A Statement - Change The World

Rent an electric car anywhere

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If an EV rental is not available in your area, always check Turo

Other Car Share Platforms

Other countries have other car sharing platforms for EVs







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